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If you are feeling a little extra dirty, with a
dash of dubious be sure to check out Test Drive: Part 1 and Part 2. Both are now available on SMASHWORDS for the purchase price of just $0.99 each!

Test Drive: Part 1
Danielle (Dani) Springman has endured more than her fair
share of pain and suffering. With the recent loss of her parents, she's
forced to drop out of college and work as a car salesperson at one of the
sleaziest dealerships in Mississippi. Broke, alone, and on the brink of
despair, the very essence of life finds her when she least expects it in
the form of Lance, a gorgeous potential car buyer. What she doesn't know is that he's been watching her, waiting for his  opportunity to strike. Will
Dani be able to resist the dark stranger's charms or will she give in to her
wanton desires?

Test Drive: Part 2
Danielle Springman has a serious problem. When she finds herself strapped to the bed of a potential car buyer, she realizes she's in for a rough ride, literally.  Lance, the broodingly sexy, blond God has not only drugged her and tormented her  sexually, he wants from her something she's never been able to give; her heart.  Will Dani succumb to her captor's overbearing determination to break her or will  she escape his clutches before it's too late?

WARNING: These novelettes are intended for mature audiences (18+)
and  contain sexually explicit content that may be offensive to some readers. Contains subject matter involving: kidnapping, spanking, dubious consent, and coercion.



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